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The research, innovation, engineering, testing, piloting, training, dissemination and few other important activities are carried out in the frame of six PARSEC Work Packages (WPs). Below we present an overview WP-diagram, with key linkages between various WPs.


Each Work Package has between four to six objectives, presented below:

WP 1 Coordination

WP2 – Technical coordination, user requirements and field-tests

WP3 – Combined data science for next-generation risk assessment

WP4 – Primary inspection solutions

WP5 – Secondary and third line inspection solutions

WP6 – Dissemination, exploitation, training, standardisation & policy recommendations

  • Manage overall legal, contractual, ethical, gender equality, financial and administrative aspects, while ensuring high quality, confidentiality and ethical standards of the project’s work and outcomes.

  • Drive the PARSEC innovation agenda across the project, while ensuring tangible progress in research and technology development.

  • Coordinate and facilitate work among the PARSEC partners and with the external stakeholders.

  • Monitor, manage, and report the progress of the project work across work packages and tasks.

  • Develop prioritised user requirements and functional specifications.

  • Create and utilise an external end-user support group to sense check user-requirements.

  • Maintain overview of technology developments and provide support for technical partners.

  • Develop a standardised test methodology with universal test-set.

  • Develop a tool for flow simulation to drive performance optimization.

  • Formulate a system architecture

  • Improve knowledge and supervision of the parcel flows through to better understanding of the flows and the associated threats.

  • Create improved threat assessment models for the screening of goods for each PARSEC use case.

  • Better understand and integrate the needs and requirements of 1st, 2nd line and 3rd line non-intrusive inspection technologies from WP4 and WP5 into the initial screening and threat assessment process.

  • Deliver a proposition of 1st line threat assessment methodology dedicated to the screening of large volumes of e-commerce parcels.

  • Complete the development of the new multi-level photon counting detector.

  • Manufacture a simple prototype for early data gathering.

  • Gather illicit goods datasets for data analytics work.

  • Develop X-ray based primary inspection solution to a safe prototype for end-user deployment.

  • Design and adapt both systems hardware to facilitate scanning of parcels in a postal environment to support second and third step false alarm reduction.

  • Collect data on prohibited materials and stream of commerce clutter items to support algorithm development.

  • Develop and test object segmentation and classification algorithms.

  • Instate open standards for data communication and control.

  • Develop an emulator to facilitate inspection system(s) optimisation.

  • Raise awareness about PARSEC and its outputs to the main target audiences.

  • Manage the collaboration between the project and the PARSEC Stakeholder Forum members.

  • Disseminate the scientific and technical results making research outcomes.

  • Facilitate the uptake of PARSEC results among service providers, customs, police and other end-users.

  • Manage innovation aspects of the project, including IPR and results exploitation issues.

  • Produce world-class education and training materials.

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