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The Horizon Europe project PARSEC, “Parcel and Letter Security for Postal and Express Courier Flows”, will deliver an ambitious set of solutions to fight the abuse of postal and express courier flows for criminal and terrorist purposes by developing, configuring, customising, and piloting innovative tools, services and security management approaches. The four PARSEC innovation areas and three use cases strengthen risk analysis and redefine threat detection and resilience capabilities of parcel service providers, customs authorities, police agencies, and other relevant stakeholders to fight crime and terrorism, put in place a stronger deterrent and to ensure safe and undisrupted postal and express services.

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PARSEC will pursue the following four main objectives:

PARSEC will have a significant impact on the security of postal and express courier services, through the introduction and validation of a novel, predictive, integrated and collaborative approach, which will enable supply chain stakeholders to identify and mitigate a broad range of threats.

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